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Jean Cacicedo

Three Dimensional Fabric: Drawn from Nature

Course Description
The potential of nature to inspire sets the stage for this workshop involving the natural world around us and also the nature of various fabrics, their fiber content, and their individual potential to transform. This workshop offers information and inspiration to those interested in functional object making or free form expressive sculpture, interiors, and costume design. A basic knowledge of sewing is required.

We will explore a wide range of methods and techniques including sketching and journaling, sewing construction, pattern making, shrinking wool fabrics, laminating wool fleece to other fabrics, resist paste fulling, slashing, embroidery, folding, fusing, and free form sculpting. Inspiration and personal expression will guide our designs as we develop ways to adapt ideas into specific two dimensional and three dimensional projects. There will be samples to view of all the techniques we cover, slides to see, and supportive critiques.

Skill Level
Open to all levels of experience.

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Supply List:
  • Sketch book (no lines)*
  • Black sharpie pen*
  • Soft drawing pencils*
  • Scissors for cutting paper and fabric*
  • Exacto knife*
  • Small binder clips (10 per person)*
  • 3 manilla folders*
  • Brown paper lunch bags (3 per person)*
  • Sewing kit: hand sewing needles of various sizes, cloth measuring tape*
  • 2” x 18” clear plastic ruler – gridded (found in art or stationary stores)*
  • Sewing machine (optional but desirable)
  • Bath towel
  • Rubber gloves*
  • Apron*
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