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Modeling the Standards, Sharing the Knowledge
Modeling the Standards, Sharing the Knowledge

St. Andrew's-Sewanee School math teacher Liz Quinn-Stine will be presenting at the Tennessee Mathematics Teachers' Association's (TMTA) Modeling the Standards Conference at UT-Martin, September 29-30.

Quinn-Stine's presentation, "Can DESMOS Replace the Graphing Calculator?" looks at whether DESMOS, a powerful, free, on-line graphing program, can replace the expensive TI-calculators that students are now required to purchase for upper level math courses.

Quinn-Stine is a career mathematics teacher in her 25th year of teaching. She first came to SAS in 2003 and returned to the school in 2010 after several years of teaching at Cary Academy in Cary, N.C. Prior to that, she taught at The Wayneflete School in Portland, Maine; Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, N.H.; Sunriver Preparatory School in Sunriver, Oregon; and Sandy Springs Friends School in Sandy Spring, Md. Over the years she has taught math, physics, and computer science. She holds a B.A. in mathematics from Brown University and a M.S. in geophysics from the University of Washington.

The mission of the Tennessee Mathematics Teachers' Association (TMTA) is to encourage the study of and improve the teaching of mathematics in all the schools and colleges of Tennessee.