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For Prospective Boarding Parents

St. Andrew's-Sewanee provides our son with just the right balance of structure and support. When I returned to campus for our first Family Weekend, I asked him, 'Are you happy?' He looked at me like I was nuts. 'Of course, I'm happy. What is there not to be happy about?' That's just what I wanted to hear. ~ Dr. Peter Panzarino, parent

Choosing a school is a difficult decision. Not only will your school choice determine your child's education and their friendships, private education will likely be one of your most expensive purchases. At SAS, we want you to be as well informed as possible as you make this decision. In addition to the information we have assembled throughout our website, here are parents' Frequently Asked Questions.



What weekend activities are available to boarders? May all students participate?

SAS offers a variety of weekend activities throughout the year, including: games, tournaments, dances, movies, and cooking on campus and trips to shopping, concerts, museums, sporting events, and restaurants in Nashville, Chattanooga, and Atlanta. The Mountain offers opportunities for caving, canoeing, and camping trips. Boarders get first priority for off-campus trips, but It is common for day students to participate in weekend activities.

Do boarding and day students interact?

There is a strong bond between day and boarding students. Often, boarders spend an evening or a weekend off-campus with day friends and their families, and day students frequently get together with boarders in the houses on campus. 

What is the weekend leave policy? Are there closed weekends?

Boarders may spend the weekend off campus once permission is granted from their parents. “Closed Weekends" – when boarders are required to stay on campus, occur only once or twice each semester.

Do students wear uniforms?

No. Our dress code requires students to be neat and clean during the academic day and stipulates some items which are not allowed for reasons of modesty, practicality, or good taste. Because we stress active involvement in class -- students are often out in the woods, sitting in groups on the floor, wading in ponds, etc. -- students need to wear clothes that are suitable for such activities. There are school events which require “formal dress" (dresses, ties, etc.), approximately six per year, such as formal chapels and ceremonies.

How well do homeschoolers transition to life at SAS?

St. Andrew's-Sewanee has helped many students make the successful transition from homeschooling or unschooling to high school and on to college. Homeschoolers feel right at home with our small community, small residence halls, and personal attention. A few years at SAS may be just the right option for your children as they seek to build a portfolio for college admissions that includes objective measures of their learning and abilities and provides skills for moving into a more independent period in their lives.

Should a student need something such as toothpaste, can he/she get to local convenience store?

Van runs to town are scheduled throughout the week, with stops at convenience stores, the local grocery and fast-food venues. Trips to larger stores are scheduled for the weekends.

Are boarders permitted to have cars on campus?

With some restrictions, senior and junior boarders may keep a car on campus for the purpose of driving home for vacation. Additional privileges are dependent on the student's academic standing.

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