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Sheriff Cockoodle and the Cast of the SAS Coop
Posted 04/29/2016 10:05AM

Sheriff Cockoodle the rooster is flapping his wings and calling out. We think it is to assert dominance. He does this more when more people are around or people are making noise. He is the only male so he is normally the dominant one but when there are lots of people he must assert dominance.

All the chickens crowd around the fence where we are, expecting food. Pudgy especially hangs around a lot. They peck around constantly all day looking for food rather than having a few big meals a day like humans. Blue Brownie and Oreo the hens are the biggest.

They are now less scared of us, and sheriff Cockoodle is less territorial. Sometimes, like Pudgy, they peck between their toes and under their wings to clean themselves. Oreo has finally emerged from the chicken coop and began clucking a lot. Sheriff Cockoodle joined in, then circled Oreo while stamping his feet. We think Oreo might have been nesting, as well as Pudgy the 2nd, who went into the coop and has not emerged. Sheriff Cockoodle is clucking more now that Oreo is out. There is a possibility that they are partners if the chickens mate. He hovers around her a lot. Or Sheriff Cockoodle was just trying to remind everyone he is the alpha chicken. Oreo is the most confident female. Brownie pecks people a lot.

Sheriff Cockoodle just clucked a lot because Myers came. Brownie spotted something and trotted very upright and quickly. Sheriff Cockoodle has a deep, throaty cluck while the hens are more high pitched.

The Cast
Sheriff Cockoodle
Pudgy 2nd
Jesus (pronounced Hezus)
Aztec warrior

Written by Justine Rogers '21 and Luciana Mollica '21, photo by Tim Nelson '20


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