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Holly Roberts

June 2012

Paint and Collage/Collage and Paint

Course Description
Because of the direct nature of working with collaged/layered images, we can involve ourselves in the process of image making very rapidly, and almost immediately begin to have feedback as we work. By using both acrylic and oil paint over and under the constructed images, participants will learn not only how to build images with a variety of materials, but also how to paint both supportively and expressively. By understanding how the different media work together, each participant will be able to understand what process works best in finding his or her own creative voice. We will cover transfers, gluing techniques, surfaces, supports, compatibility, and layering of different media, and how to work with both oil and acrylic paints. Materials will include but not be limited to: paint, photographic imagery, found objects, organic material, cloth, and three-dimensional objects – anything that will hold paint. Open to all levels.

Supply List
Paints and Brushes (a complete list of recommended paints and brushes will be sent to all registrants)
*1 roll heavy duty paper towels
Rags (cotton)
1 small jar (wide mouth: must be glass or metal: top is helpful)
2 wide mouth jars or cans, the larger the better
*Palette knife
Paper or glass palette
*Push pins
*Disposable latex gloves
Plastic credit cards (no longer in use)
*Water containers and spray bottles (for acrylic paints)
*Steel wool
*x-acto knife
*Small metal ruler
Plywood, masonite, MDF board, or any hardwood panels for supports
*Paper (100lb or heavier)
Polymer medium(gloss or matt), can also use gel medium, gloss or matt gesso
Non traditional materials such as scrapers, putty knives, sponges, rages, palette knives, plastering trowels, joint compound, crackle medium, and patching plaster
Collage materials: Anything that you would like to work with that you think you can adhere to a surface and that will (probably) hold paint
Photographs (one or more of the following):
black and white silver prints
color prints
color copies(copies from your home copier can be problematic-Epson and laser printers tend to work better then other printers-what works best are plastic based inks and not water soluable inks. Copies from Kinko’s type places work well)
xerox copies
images from magazines or newspapers
any photographic information of any kind that you want to bring in - if it’s important make a copy, or several so you won’t lose the original.

*Items marked with an asterisk are available in the Shakerag store.

Artist's Statement
I work intuitively, painting an abstract painting before applying bits and pieces of photo fragments on the surface. What I am trying for is a painting that can stand alone but that won’t dominate the photo collage that is to follow. Once I start forming the story (made primarily from my own photographs), I allow the photos that I’ve chosen to inform the image, starting with only a vague idea of what it is that I am trying to build. The collage works best when the pieced photos make up something that they aren’t about literally, but rather have a metaphorical or poetic connection, either through subject or texture.
The large concerns in my life are at the core of my work: the degradation of the environment, spiritual meaning in a world of polarized and extremist religions, the stress and fear of aging, the daily fears and anxieties of being alive in the world today. These collages allow me to continue to do what I have always done with my art: by processing the world through my eyes and my hands, I am able to make some greater sense of the confusion and beauty of the world around me.

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