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Deborah Stevenson
Creating with Collage

Session One - June 10-16, 2018

Course Description
The art form of collage goes back one hundred years, beginning with Picasso, adopted by surrealists, employed by mid-century modernist painters, becoming a staple in popular culture across all mediums. It has grown in popularity over the decades as a truly unique form of expression. We will talk about the incredibly robust life collage has on the internet and learn about all the different sites there are to explore and to join for sharing with others around the world.

This class is a great way to explore this medium, as we learn about the various techniques and styles by doing many different exercises to make our own collages. Creating pieces takes us into the territory of art basics. These include composition, texture, positive/negative space, abstraction, color theory, and working strictly in black and white, just to name a few. We'll also learn tricks and techniques for cutting and ways to use the paper inventively. Collage has a collaborative side as well, and we will have fun doing what I call a pass-along collage, where we begin a piece, pass it on, and add to ones we receive from other class members — and the results from this process are pretty amazing. People use it for personal reflection as a sort of visual journal; they use it to make political statements; they use it to create comical images…there is no limit to the things that people can say in collage.

One of the many joys of this medium is that no prior experience is needed to jump in and have success right away. It is a very forgiving form of art, the only danger being that once you start, you may become addicted to it!

Artist's Biography
Deborah was born in Washington, DC, grew up in Japan, and graduated from Sarah Lawrence College. She trained as an actor, then began working as an artist 30 years ago. She has exhibited on both coasts in the United States and has a robust following in the international collage community. She currently resides in Maine.

Artist's Statement
I began working in paper collage in 2010. I mix classical with commercial/quotidian imagery, with the intent of creating provocative juxtapositions exploring concepts of power, the Feminine, and the mysterious. The process of making these pieces is completely different from painting, though equally labor-intensive. Whereas my paintings are derived from what I've actually observed, the collage pieces arise in an "automatic" way, presenting themselves spontaneously as I mix and move the pictures around on the table in front of me. There is no specific "goal" or intent when I begin - it's more as though I am letting the images find each other, and facilitating their communion when they "speak" to each other. More than anything else, the process requires of me that I pay attention, so as to be ready to capture the dialogue.

Website: Deborah Stevenson

Supply List:

  • Scissors
  • Paperweight to keep pieces of the collage in place while in progress
  • Printed material on paper

Deborah Stevenson

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