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Listening to the Wind with a Pencil: Supply List

Any of these materials can be ordered online (where prices are usually better), but a trip to the art store might help you decide on what you might like most, by touching and comparing materials. If you already have any of these, you do not need to buy it new.

  • 3 Sketchbooks: There is a wide range of quality and prices when it comes to most art materials, and papers are no exception. While we are not going to be using newsprint as paper, the sketchbooks don’t need to be expensive, or of the highest quality. But again, no newsprint paper.1 Small sketchbook for drawing or dry medium. It can be 5x7 or 4x6, or 5.5x8.5. Between 50 and 100 pages. And 2 small sketchbooks for Mixed Media; one to be around 7 x 10 with 40/60 pages, and another around 11 x 14, with 20/40 pages. These sizes are approximate as with each brand there are small variations. [Pentalic has one called “Nature Sketch”, and Canson also has mixed media sketchbooks.]
  • 3 Graphite pencils –  HB, 2B, and 5B or 4B
  • Soft color pencils (no watercolor pencils); No need for a big box. Between 12 and 24 will suffice.
  • 2 Erasers – 1 white, 1 small Prismacolor kneader rubber
  • At least 4 Small FW Acrylic Inks (Can be regular or Pearlescent) - 1 black, and you decide on the other 3 colors.
  • Brushes for watercolor/water media [Princeton has value packages in synthetic hair; please choose a variety of 3 to 5 brushes, including a flat 1” wide (probably this one being the biggest,) and a round small one.
  • A small plastic palette with space in the center to mix colors. (We will provide plastic plates, so do not worry if you don’t bring a palette.)
  • A sharpener
  • Something, that is not on this list, that you feel you cannot do without!
  • A pouch to carry the small items
  • An apron or an old big shirt to wear
  • A hat
  • Mosquito repellent
  • A couple of rags