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Classical Wood Carving


Join Fredy Huaman Mallqui for a solid foundation in traditional skills for carving furniture and architectural details.

Course Description

This workshop is for beginner, intermediate and advanced carvers who want to learn and expand their knowledge of hand wood carving tools and techniques. Participants will develop a confident understanding of designing, sharpening, and safe handling of carving tools, and the cutting properties of wood. Fredy will begin the class with a series of exercises that establish a vocabulary of basic cuts. Participants will expand on these by carving intricate foliage, acanthus leaves, and shells, which are the central form from which all classical carving stems.

Instruction covers the full process of ornamental carving, starting with drawings and ending with surfaces that are finished straight from the chisel.

Open to all. 





Artist Biography

Carrying wood carving tools that served as extensions of his own hands, Fredy moved to the United States from Peru in 2012. Sensibility, creativity, and skills acquired since beginning his woodcarving journey at age nine also accompanied Fredy, guiding his artistic path. Apprenticing with traditional master carvers over the years has allowed Fredy to master his own techniques of designing and hand carving unique pieces of art. Today his carvings are exquisitely detailed and of the highest quality craftsmanship. 

Fredy excels in both classical carving as well in sculpting contemporary pieces. In 2021, Fredy was selected to create an ambitious sculptural series of public art in Pittsburgh, PA. Engaged in this multi-year project, he seeks to stimulate dialogue between sculpture and community. Fredy’s sculpture Together (2021) became part of the Downtown Erie Sculpture Walk, In March 2019, Fredy was invited to be part of the World Wood Day Celebration in Graz, Austria.

Maintaining a high level of experience, Fredy teaches classical and wooden sculptural carving classes in prestigious institutions including the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship (ME), Anderson Ranch Arts Center (CO), and in 2023 Fredy will be teaching at Shakerag Workshops (TN). Fredy’s work has been shown individually and collectively in Austria, Germany, Peru, and the United States.



Learn more about Fredy Huaman Mallqui and his work by visiting and checking out his instagram @fredyartworkrestoration.


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