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Crafting a Handmade Wardrobe


Join Sonya Philip in learning how to design and sew your very own wardrobe.

Course Description

By making clothes, students with an interest in textiles and surface design will gain a deeper connection to their creativity. The class begins with wardrobe planning and discussion of fabric choices, as well as strategies for combining colors and prints. Instruction time is divided into two basic garment groups, tops and bottoms. The tops are a shirt, tunic, and dress, each with different sleeve styles. The bottoms consist of a skirt and a pair of pants. Instruction will cover how to cut and construct each garment, in addition to techniques for adjusting the patterns. Students will also learn a variety of modifications, such as varying the length, different necklines, pocket styles, in addition to gathers, pin tucks, and other decorative techniques covered in Sonya's book, The Act of Sewing.







Artist Biography

Sonya Philip is an artist, designer, and teacher. In 2012, she started a project called 100 Acts of Sewing, making dresses while documenting the process. Since then Sonya has made it her mission to convince people to sew their own clothes. When not covered in bits of thread, she can be found knitting another shawl or cardigan. Sonya lives in San Francisco with her family.

See more of Sonya Philip's work at and by visiting her instagram @100actsofsewing.


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