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Knitting Getaway

Shakerag Workshops opens its June sessions with a three-day Knitting Getaway, hosted by Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner of Modern Daily Knitting in conjunction with Shakerag.

Course Description

Session I of Shakerag Workshops, our Knitting Getaway, will be a true getaway: a few wonderful days for knitters to gather in Sewanee on the St. Andrew’s-Sewanee campus to enjoy good food, beautiful natural surroundings, and each other. There will be many different things to do: participants can knit and hang out, eat and drink, hike through Shakerag Hollow, swim in our pristine lake, do yoga - and enjoy a variety of short classes.

Each participant will do all of these things, any of these things, or perhaps, none of these things – exactly as you wish. The one constant will be relaxation and knitting in the company of other knitters, including Ann and Kay.

2024 Knitting Getaway Faculty

All of our Knitting Getaway class teachers will be announced at a later date, but three whom we know are coming are Lorilee Beltman, Samantha Brunson and Fatimah Hinds. Lorilee designs pieces with interesting geometry or seamless construction, and is a tent camper and National Parks fan. Samantha is the founder of, a knitting and crafting blog that chronicles the crafting community with stories from a diverse group of makers. Fatimah is a Vancouver based knitting designer known for her inventive textures and constructions.

Follow Lorilee on instagram: @lorilee.beltman
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Follow Samantha’s work on instagram: @bobbleclubhouse and @sosa_knitwear
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Follow Fatimah on instagram: @disturbingthefleece 
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About Modern Daily Knitting is an online magazine for knitters that began in 2003 as an online correspondence between Ann Shayne, who lives in Nashville, and Kay Gardiner, who lives in Manhattan. Nearly 20 years later, Ann and Kay produce a delicious daily read for knitters, as well as a series of gorgeous small books, the Modern Daily Knitting Field Guides. The MDK online shop is a place where knitters all over the country can find exquisite, unusual yarns commonly available only at fiber festivals. And Modern Daily Knitting Rule No. 1 is: Knitting Is Supposed to Be Fun!

Visit Ann and Kay's website, their instagram @modern.daily.knitting, and on Ravelry to learn more.

Pre-Registration for the 2024 Knitting Getaway has closed

Shakerag Workshops of St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School does not discriminate on the basis of race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or gender.