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Knitting Getaway

Pre-Registration for Session I:Knitting Getaway has Closed
Shakerag Workshops will open its traditional two weeks of programming with a three-day getaway just for knitters, hosted by Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner of Modern Daily Knitting.


Course Description

The Shakerag Knitting Getaway will be a true getaway: a few beautiful days for knitters to gather at St. Andrew’s-Sewanee to enjoy good food, beautiful natural surroundings, and each other. There will be a variety of fun things to do. We will knit and hang out; eat and drink; hike Shakerag Hollow; swim in pristine water; do yoga; and enjoy a variety of short classes.

Each participant will do all of these things, any of these things, or, perhaps, none of these things—exactly as we wish. The one constant will be relaxation and knitting in the company of other knitters.

Classes & Faculty

Build a Better Fabric: Perfect Your Knitting Technique with Patty Lyons

We know how to knit, but do we know how to build a perfect fabric? There’s always room for improvement! Does your knitting “row out” (your purl stitch looser than your knit stitch), are you looking for a better way to control your gauge? What about alternative ways to tension your yarn when working with stiff yarn or slippery yarn? We’ll explore ways to improve your knitting technique by looking at the most important fundamentals, like the job of the left needle tip and the right needle shaft, stitch sizing, and even the correct exit path of your stitch. We will explore edge stitches, cast on and bind offs and a huge array of  knitting tips. The last part of the class will be open for all knitting questions (that you have  put in the “bag of why”), so come with your questions and let’s explore our knitting. 

The Potholder Project with Katherine Tilton

Enjoy a relaxing creative break combining colorful cottons, a bit of batting and embroidery threads with simple stitches to make a beautiful and useful potholder. You will get to see lots of samples, receive a pattern, choose from a variety of fabric and threads, pick up a needle and start constructing a simple, fun, functional and possibly flamboyant piece. Shakerag will provide supplies for all but you might like to bring your own fabrics to use:

  • one 7½” square cotton denim or similar mid/heavyweight cotton fabric, 
  • one 7½” square cotton or linen fabric for the front,
  • one 9” square of cotton or linen back/wrap around fabric, and
  • a couple of extra layers of ‘fill’ fabrics as wanted.

New Dimensions in Knitting with Olga Buraya-Kefelian

Prepare to be wowed all over again by the possibilities of sticks and string!  Olga Buraya-Kefelian, a designer who is renowned for her inventive and 3-dimensional ways, will guide us through the process of making a summery necklace that you will want to wear immediately - and you will finish it quickly enough so that you can!  While we work, we'll learn more about Olga's process, as she will talk in the class and provide images from her collection of fascinating designs.

Participants need to bring double pointed needles (or other needles that you like to use to knit very short circumferences in the round—think i-cord), within the size range US 3-6. Optional: if you've got a special skein or 25 grams or so of a very special yarn that you don't know what to do with, bring it along. Plant or animal, any weight from fingering to worsted. 

Mind Mapping with Felicia Eve

Felicia Eve dreams big dreams for the knitting community, and then she makes those dreams reality. Felicia is the founder of two beloved New York institutions: a Brooklyn yarn shop that is a neighborhood hot spot, and the Wool & Folk festival, a joyfully inclusive yarn party that will celebrate its third year in the Hudson Valley in October 2023. One of the tools Felicia relies on is a technique called Mind Mapping. Join Felicia for an introduction to this open-ended way of brainstorming and thinking through everything from mystic crystal revelations to to-do lists. All materials will be provided.





Artist Biographies

Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner are the knitters who founded, an online magazine for knitters that began in 2003 as an online correspondence between Ann, who lives in Nashville, and Kay, who lives in Manhattan. Nearly 20 years later, Ann and Kay produce a delicious daily read for knitters, as well as a series of gorgeous small books, the Modern Daily Knitting Field Guides. The online shop at is a place where knitters all over the country can find exquisite, unusual yarns usually available only at fiber festivals.

Ann and Kay are known for: log cabin blankets, showing up to things wearing the same outfit by accident, and Modern Daily Knitting Rule No. 1: Knitting Is Supposed to Be Fun.

Visit Ann and Kay's website and their instagram @modern.daily.knitting to learn more.

Pre-Registration for Session I:Knitting Getaway has Closed

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