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Laser Cut Painted Paper Collage


Join Elspeth Schulze in exploring the basics of digital fabrication with traditional studio processes.

Course Description

We will start this workshop by drawing plant-based forms by hand. Using open source software, students will learn how to digitize these hand drawn lines. We will prepare sheets of thick watercolor paper for laser cutting, painting the surface with vibrant shades of color and adding layers of specialty adhesive and masking paper. We’ll laser cut our plant-based forms from this paper, repeating motifs at a range of scales. Finally, students will assemble a series of painted paper collages with their hand drawn, digitized and laser cut forms. 




Artist Biography

Elspeth Schulze (b. 1985) is a visual artist from Southern Louisiana, a place where land and water meet. Schulze’s process pairs digital fabrication with traditional methods of making, harnessing the power of computer-aided design and the nuance of the human hand. Using a laser cutting machine and a CNC milling machine, Schulze cuts layered forms from plywood and paper and brings these forms through a range of traditional studio processes. The resulting work is lush with color and rich with material process. Schulze holds an MFA in ceramics from the University of Colorado Boulder, a degree in fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Technology New York, and a BA in literature and visual art from Loyola University, New Orleans. Recent exhibition venues include Oklahoma Contemporary in Oklahoma City, OK, Wasserman Projects in Detroit, MI, Spring Break Art Fairs in NY and LA, and Abigail Ogilvy Gallery in Boston, MA. She is currently an artist in residence at the Tulsa Artist Fellowship in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Learn more about Elspeth Schulze and her work by visiting her website, and checking out her Instagram @elspethschulze.




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